Step 5: Making the Flower

Now hold the (bottom) button with one hand, and begin to twist it while holding the two wires down below and using your fingers as a guide. Start with your fingers high up on the wires underneath the buttons and gradually slide them downward with each twist of the button. The twisting of the wire won't always be perfect, but that's OK. As my sister told me long ago, art is not perfect.
I love these!! I had a box of button that were my sisters and I was going to throw them out - I went digging and found them and started making them. You're right! They do make you giddy!! They just put a smile on your face, everytime you look at them - Going to start making them for Christmas gifts. Thank you for coming up with that!!!!
That's so cool to hear! So glad you gave it a try.
This is such a great idea! Also very fun to make! :D thanks for making this instructable.
Thanks! So glad you liked it.
Yeah! I am going to try and make a button-wire necklace pendant!
Would love to see it if you do!
very cute. I'm glad someone did this, and I think you've put it together really nicely!
Thanks! I highly recommend that you make some - they are so cute!
Sooooooo CUTE! Amazing how something as simple as buttons and wire can be turned into art,
Cool beans!
Nice idea, it is so pretty and colourful.
Thanks! I loved the results - and such an easy project, really.

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