Introduction: Button Resin Coaster

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I had recently came to have a lot of buttons in my possession. So I have been trying to come up with lots of crafts that involve buttons. My latest crafting endeavor I attempted to make button resin coasters.

Step 1: Supplies

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Here is what I used to make my button resin coasters



A disposable mold

Step 2: Arrange Buttons

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I started by carefully placing my buttons in my mold. In this case it was a plastic bowl.

Be careful about how you arrange whatever is going to be in the resin, because once the resin dries it will stay that way forever.

Step 3: Mix and Pour Resin

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I then mixed the resin with the hardener and poured the mixture into my bowl over the buttons.

The goal is to make sure the resin completely covers the buttons so that they will be completely encased once hardened.

Step 4: Let Dry

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The last step requires a lot of patience. Let your resin sit undisturbed until completely dry.

Once dry you can peel your coaster out of the mold and it is ready to use!



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