This is an excellent way to use up all those buttons you bought on etsy or ebay in the midst of a whiskey fueled craftathon.
(This may or may not be what actually happened)

These button garlands are dead simple and absolutely adorable. I think they'd be perfect for weddings, holidays, parties or even just to hang around the house.

And they're cheap! You can buy buttons in bulk at the sites mentioned above, or get the ugly ones on clearance at craft stores. And the embroidery floss to make up the rest of the garland normally goes for 20-40 cents a skein, which is cheap cheap!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • embroidery floss, color of choice
  • buttons!
  • embroidery or other large needle
  • scissors
  • motor skills
Wonderful! I was just thinking about whether I could make a "Buttoned Curtain" for my new apt. & you just made My Day!! Thanks for the great Instructable!!
Smart idea!...5 star...
That's exceptionally neat for something so simple, 'tis brilliant! <br> <br>I like your use of a map as a backdrop for the photography, that's rather clever of you.
Jessy this is so cool! <br>Sunshiine
What a darling way to add a vintage touch to just about any space!

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