Picture of Button tree cushion
A cute little button tree cushion - a lovely way to recover your old neglected cushions, simple and easy to do took me around 2 hours tops in total and most of that was sewing in the buttons....

You will need
- old cushion
- fabric for trunk, back panel and main cushion fabric.
-BUTTONS !!!!!
- bonda-web (that iron on gluey stuff for fabrics with many names)
-Sewing machine
-Thread, sewing needles ect.
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Step 1: Find a tree shape!

Picture of Find a tree shape!
So I googled basic tree outlines, and found a style I liked and altered it slightly so that the branches weren't so spindly.

Then cut out your new template and pin to your the trunk fabric.

Cut around your template and once complete unpin your template and tadah you have your tree trunk :)

Step 2: Iron your tree!!

Picture of Iron your tree!!
Use the bonda-web to attach you trunk to your back/central panel, my panel was 3" on each side smaller then the cushion size.

To use the bonda-web (I forgot to take pictures sorry)

Place your tree face down and lay bonda-web gluey/textured side down onto it. Iron for not very long to fuse it to the fabric.

Peal away the paper and turn your trunk over.

Place this onto you panel and position where you want it, cover with a tea towel and iron again for a few seconds to fuse the tree to the panel,

Some parts may take more ironing then others

You can stich the trunk on for extra security, I didn't only as I was to distracted and wanted to get on with the buttons. Didn't realise till I was half way threw them..

Step 3: BUTTONS!!!

Picture of BUTTONS!!!
Lay out your buttons as you desire and play around with the layout untill your happy.

I then removed the and placed them onto the template so I didn't forget where they went.

And sew them into your tree, you can just use a high tack glue to put them on, but I though sewing them would be more secure... If in doubt do both!!
MicioGatta9 months ago

Cute and nice!

Geckozilla4 (author) 1 year ago
thanks :) I do love buttons I have to use more up before I buy another pretty jar full 0_o
sunshiine1 year ago

Very creative. Buttons are so fun to work with. thanks for sharing your hard work and have a splendorous week.


ChrysN1 year ago

That is so pretty, I love it!

So cute! Love all the different shaped buttons!