Introduction: Simple Touch Screen Gloves

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How to make simple, comfortable, and warm touch screen gloves

Step 1: Buy Gloves

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Go out an buy some gloves. They must 95% acrylic and 5% spandex.

I got mine at Giant.

Note: some other materials may work. check the comments!

Step 2: Lick 'Em

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That's right, lick them. Lick the tip so that they are damp (doesn't take much). Water also works.

Step 3: And You're Done.

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That's all it takes. One lick will last a long time.
This is so effective that I made this entire instructable on my phone with gloves on without difficulty


tritian (author)2014-01-23

ve tried this a while ago but the problem is that one finger gets really cold due to moisture

przem (author)2013-11-13

It tried it also with cotton gloves and it works great.

But it doesn't work for the rubber ones, and therefore I can't use my iPod during surgery ;-(

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