Now many of you are probably new to ocarinas as am I, may I say it is a beautiful instrument and amazing to play ( wonderful sounding as well), there are many types and many choices... this Instructable will help you decide which kind you want and where you can buy one

note: Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time-ocarinas did not originate in this game and were made a long long time ago... research it 0.~

I do not own any of these photos and am using them as merely a reference and something beautiful to look at =]

Step 1: History of the Ocarina

The first ocarina maker was the inventor himself Giuseppe Donati. when you ask? - a long long time ago XD
<p>I bought my first 12 hole zelda ocarina from OcarinaWind</p><p>Perfect appearance and well tuned with a nice protective bag. I recommend it.</p>
<p>please suggest me the website you bought the ocarina.</p>
<p>I have a 10 year old osn, that wants a ocarina, clearly I don't know what to get. Do I start with a 6 hole?? plastic? ceramic? where should I go to purchase.As you can tell I'm clueless </p>
<p>I got mine from buy-ocarina.com, it is very nice, I love it :)</p>
Dionati was the creator of the sweet potato ocarina, not the inventor of the ocarina... the first ocarinas date back around 12,000 years and were not shaped this way.
<p>The best place to buy an ocarina is Stlocarina.com, I have three ocarinas from their site, one is plastic and of very good quality, it take a bit more breath to play but it's worth being able to take around with you. </p><p>Ps. great Ible</p>
I've had one of these for a long time and can play it efficiently. I live in Utah (US) and most of the music stores around here sell them. I've found it's even funner (Still fighting the war that funner IS a word) to build your own. You can do this using clay (If you don't have a kiln you can buy oven-bake clay at most craft stores), or a workshop an a bunch of tools. (I've found that a scroll saw and a sander are the best but it's hard no matter how you do it. :P)<br><br>Good job on your first 'ible!
I bought mine for 4$ at World Market. Don't buy from there. they may be cheap but they are not plastic ocarinas, they are plastic CRAP!!!
The Aztec, the Maya, the other Mesoamericans, as well as the chinese, all made these far before that man was even conceived<br /> <br />
He didn't create the first ocarina, he created the first MODERN ocarina.
Sweet Instructable. Thanks!
Let me make an analogy about the Types Of Ocarinas that you mentioned:<br/><br/>Ocarinas are like cell phones.<br/><br/>You mentioned some of the models; LG, Motorola, and Nokia. <br/>You did not mention the carrier; Verizon Singular (AT&amp;T), and Sprint<br/>There could be a LG for Verizon or SIngular, but it will still look the same.<br/><br/>The carrier is the fingering system. Your 9-hole has the sweet potato (model) shape, but is played in the peruvian system (carrier). <br/><br/>The pendant is usually the English system or the Peruvian system<br/>The sweet potato is usually the English or japanese system, but could be anything.<br/><br/>There is so much to know about ocarinas. It is just so fascinating! =D<br/>
Very well put.. ya i know lol i left a lot out... but if i would have started anything else...i could go on forever about them
I'm not that big on getting stuff from the internet (i just like retail better), are there any stores at all where i could find one? BTW pretty good for a first instructable.
There's no way for us to know what stores <strong>you</strong> can find <strong>in your area</strong>. This is the internet, it's world-wide and we don't live (or know) where you live.<br/>
yea, i know. but there are some stores that are just everywhere and I was wondering if I might find some there, or what kind of store I might find them in.
Well There is a possibility that your local music store may sell some various types, although this is rare, i believe that internet may be about your only option if they are short on this instrument, and thank you <sup>_</sup><br/>
k, thanks.
I have the sweet potato ocarina From songbird ocarinas! here is a pic if you want one: I also might be able to get you a video of me playing it.
hey, thats where i get mine!
Awesome thanks and yes a video would be awesome id do it myself but i have no camera
K, I'm not the best playing it though.
not a problem =]<br/><br/>Music isnt about how good you are its how you play lol<br/>
nice ible is relay badass!!!!!! very good first Instructable
Thanks mang haha =]<br/>
parents bought be a cell phone today and put me on there plan
AWESOME BRO! almost have LOZ TP beaten haha
you better ill be in pa this Saturday and tommow
now where can i find info on how to play it
Agreed. How to play an ocarina would have made this an excellent instructable. As it is, it just tells me what they are made of. Those wooden ones look fantastic.
well i think i will make and I'ble abotu that to or at least try but most of the time you get tabs/sheet music/ etc with teh purchase of an ocarina
Very detailed Instructable, great job. My friend plays ocarina, or plays, plays, what, am I saying it right? I'm not sure. But he uses them. Nicely done!
thank you very much haha =]<br/>

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