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Introduction: Buzz Lightyear and Woody Costumes

About: I got an old sewing machine when I was just a kid, and I've been hooked on making stuff ever since. My name is Sam and I'm a community manager here at Instructables.

This year (2008) my kids wanted to be Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody. This instructable focuses on the Buzz costume because it required a more unique, creative approach.

Step 1: Chest Piece Structure

I borrowed one of our garden planters and used it as a mold to build up the basic chest structure. The chest piece is made of cardboard, duct tape, masking tape, hot glue, and paint.

I cut, shaped and sculpted as I went.

Step 2: Chest Piece Details

Details were added to the chest piece with more cardboard, foam, and tape.

The jet pack and wings were also built at this time.

I spray painted the entire thing white, and added details with colored craft paint. The entire thing was given a coat or two of lacquer to make it shiny.

Step 3: Leg Pieces

These were made from two small sports cones, cardboard, and the bottoms of four yogurt cups.

All the pieces were hot glued in place, and the entire structures were primed and painted.

Step 4: Arm Pieces

The upper arm pieces were made from pieces of flat cardboard that were curled and glued together to form a tube shape.

The forearm pieces were made from cheap plastic cups--the kind that kids get at restaurants. They were cut and shaped with a sharp utility knife and scissors.

Details on these pieces were done with sharpies, paint, and colored pencils.

Step 5: Hood

The hood was made from purple polar fleece.

I had to make up a pattern for this part. The first attempt was close, but not quite good enough. So I added a little where needed, and the second attempt gave me something better.

Step 6: Finished Costumes

Buzz's costume was completed with a black sweatshirt, and white pants.

Woody's costume was fairly simple, although the shirt, vest, buttons, star, belt, holster, and spurs had to all be made. The boots were originally pink, and the hat was orange. Some brown spray paint fixed that.

The costumes were a hit with my kids, and all the neighbors got a kick out of them as well.

I was the popular Dad this Halloween. Boo-yah!



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    You are awesome. My kids want me to create an awesome buzz lightyear costume for them like the one you are showing here. My son thinks your creations are pretty cool. Thanks.

    im jared i was wondering can i buy this buzz suit from you if i can :)

    1 reply

    Hi Jared,

    Unfortunately the suit is not for sale. But I'm glad you like it!

    That is just AWESOME! Thank you SO much for posting. You did a FANTASTIC job!!!

    Excellent tutorial. Thoroughly enjoyed making an adult sized version for myself and was a hit at this year's party. Thanks!

    The award of best dad goes to....

    A slight modification here and there, maybe a size up. Looks good bro!
    Im bein hardcore buzz 2013 =D

    I am so going to make this for Halloween this year! But I'm stumped on how I should make the base structure... I'm 5"6-7, and I can't find a planter big enough for my torso. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make it? Or would I just have to go free hand... I've considered those big buckets, but they don't have the tapered shape, just a straight cylinder. Any ideas would be appreciated! And kudos to your chestpiece!

    11 replies

    If I were to make one for me, I'd go freehand like you say. You should determine the circumferences you want both the top and bottom of your chest piece to be, and decide on a height. With some basic math you can figure out the dimensions, and how many cardboard slats you will need to cut out and tape together to make the basic chest piece shape. I hope that helps. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.

    It's going fine so far... but it's just a bit of a pain not having a base for the basic structure. Oh well, it's happening. Should I just use duct tape to strengthen the whole chestpiece? And how long did this whole costume take?

    Well, to build the chestpiece structure it probably took 4 or 5 hours.  But that's working off and on when I had bits of time to work on it.

    The top circular piece of cardboard strengthened everything quite a bit.  If the bottom is flimsy, you could add a ring of cardboard to the inside as well (as long as you can still slip the entire thing over yourself to put it on). 

    I wouldn't use duct tape to hold everything together.  Certain parts will just work better and end up stronger if you use hot glue (I can't give specifics, because I'm not sure of what you've got so far.)

    I finished the chestpiece! It took me about 6ish hours to finish, but I still have to paint it and make the arm pieces and such. I also want to put in an actual laser pointer (or just a red light) since that would be pretty awesome.

    I agree, the top circular piece added a lot of structural integrity, but I didn't do anything about the bottom. It's not going to be a huge problem, as it isn't SUPER flimsy, and if I add another ring I won't fit inside anymore haha. I was using spray paint for the white, except it showed too much of the masking tape edges, so I went on to using acrylic instead. I haven't finished yet, but I'll post pics as soon as I'm done. Surprisingly, I didn't use a lot of hot glue, just a bit here and there, but I usually use quite a bit in other projects. I just used cardboard and a lot of masking tape, and some duct tape and hot glue. Here are some pics:


    hello how are you, very good that disguise I'm delighted as I can get more information is to ask my son for this difraz fietas

    Looks like it's turning out great so far.  Nice work.  

    To cover up the tape and smooth things out on mine, I first painted it with a couple of really heavy coats of latex house paint.  (I notice that I failed to mention this in my instructions...)  THEN I spray painted it white, and added details with acrylic craft paints.  Probably too late to mention that now.  Oh well.  Anyhow, yours looks great.  You definitely need a bright red "laser" on your arm...  you're going to make arm and leg pieces, right?

    Be sure to post some finished pictures.

    I used a cardborad barrel.  You can usually pick them up for free from hardware stores or warehouses.  I am very happy with the result.  I built a Buzz  10 years ago, after seeing this instructable I decided to re vamp mine.

    Here is a couple pictures of my re-vamped Buzz. Thanks Seamster for inspiring me to do the upgrade.

    halloween 09 013.JPGhalloween 09 014.JPG

    How did you make the things on your shoulders and elbows? Or what are they?

    I used mini basket balls for the sholders and smaller mini kick balls for the elbows. I cut 2 holes in the sholder ball at 3 O'clock and 6 O'clock positions. This was very uncomfortable so i end up cutting out every thing inbetween these two holes and hot glued the sholder balls to the bicep. (I turned the ball inside out to use the smooth texture vs: the rough texture of the basket ball). I did the same for the elbows except the holes were cut in the 12 and 6 o'clock positions.
    Make sure the firs hole is cut around the needle hole where you inflate the ball

    What did you use for the pants and below the tubes? Thanks