Step 3: Buzz's Breast Plate

Once you have the chest piece to its desired shape, you will start adding the breast plate.

I sketched out where the decals, buttons, and backpack would be at this point. Once I determined the size of these pieces I taped 2' x 3' paper to the barrel and drew them on the paper. I recommend sizing the whole thing on the barrel to get an estimate of where things will go, but once you start cutting foam pieces do these one at a time.

Make a paper template of the front right breast plate. Cut this template out in your foam. You will need to score vertical lines (1/4" apart) on the side of your foam that will attach to the barrel. This will help your foam core bend with out breaking as you wrap it around your barrel. /bend this piece around the barrel to make sure your vertical lines made it pliable enough. (You can always add more vertical lines if desired). Now that this piece is ready hot glue it into place. You can now flip the template over to do the left side.

I used 3 layers of foam for the breast plate. On the top layer I cut out a spot for the buttons and name plate. I used 3 wooden building blocks for the buttons. I rounded down the edges of the blocks to make them oval shape and painted them the appropriate colors. I used the icing cup from refridgerated cinnamon rolls for the big red button. The ranger decal in the center of his chest gets attached to the barrel after all the painting is done.

The steps for the back pack are very similar except I tried to use a solid piece of foam since there are no breaks dividing the back pack in half. Again I made a paper template of half the backpack. I then drew it out on a full piece of foam core. I then flipped the template to do the other side of the back pack. This really helps keep your dimensions looking even. There are several fun shapes that give this back pack a lot of character. Again keeping everything centered will give you the best end result.

When you start hot gluing the back pack you will need to move quickly since this piece is 3 times the size of the individual breast pieces. Make sure you have your vertical lines cut and put it in place before gluing to make sure this piece is pliable. You will do your self a favor by tracing this out to help you place it. You will be surprised at how quickly the hot glue will set up on this, so move quickly in this step.

Next you need to draw a 2 “strap from the breast plate to back pack on both left and right side. Again I recommend using and flipping the same template. I only used 1 layer of foam for the straps.

Once I had all my foam pieces in place I used painters caulk to smooth out any rough edges.
you said &quot;Cardboard barrel 55gallon&quot; Where would one find suck a thing?
I found mine at a local Hardware store. It had a sweeping compound in it . I asked them what they do with the barrels when they are empty and they gave it to me for free. You can also purchase them at stores like Rand supply and u-line. both of these suppliers are on line. You could use a trash can to accheive the same goal. I like the barrels just because they are more durrable than a trash can.
Hi Shane, I've used a black plastic dustbin, seems to be pretty effective.
It looks awesome, you did a really good job. Anychance you'd be willing to rent it out to me. My son's birthday party is next week and I just don't thing I could do as good a job as you did. I hired someone to play him, but if you live close you can come over in it. I have no problem paying, but don't want to pay the 100 that actors are asking.
OMG!<br>I L-O-V-E it!<br>Shame you didn't take all the pic , you making the Buzz.<br>But it is really really wonderful.

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