Picture of Buzz Lightyear joint repair
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Buzz's arm get broken off in the movie?
Today my son broke his Buzz Lightyear's arm at the elbow joint.  Now I'm not sure if all the joints are similar, but I suspect that they are, and could very likely be fixed the same way should they break.

Regardless, we have a toy with a broken limb, which means it's not being played with, and as we all know a happy toy is one that is being played with.  So let's get to work!

Step 1: Preprare for surgery

Picture of Preprare for surgery
Prepare your work area.  Find a nice space where you can setup shop and keep a couple tools and store the screws.  To repair a broken elbow joint you will need to remove 6 screws.  These are located on the back, and underside of the arm.
The screw that is located in the shoulder is easiest removed if you rotate the shoulder joint so that the screw is facing downward into what would be the armpit.

starjump2372 years ago
my buzz lightyear has his right foot broken and it won't go backon, anyways his helmet and head popped off i fixed the helmet and the head though can't find his arms. his leg is still on but not the aprt that broke off his joint broke when my friend set on him accidently I WILL NEVER FORGIVE. i wish i could show you please help me get it back on tried glue,
trailleadr (author)  starjump2372 years ago
 It's difficult to know how to help without pictures and seeing the kind of break that is involved. To the best of my knowledge all the joints in this toy are very similar so this instructable should be able to help you. Did you read through the repair steps?
Bongmaster5 years ago
no :O give him a hat, an apron and some tea instead :3
trailleadr (author)  Bongmaster5 years ago
ha!  I had forgotten about that.