Picture of Buzz Wire Alarm Clock

Does it happen to you to slide your finger across your phone's screen and turn the alarm off ... just because you have automated this task and don't even need to open your eyes?

Well, let me present to you the alarm clock that WILL MAKE YOU:

..... stand from the bed ..... open your eyes ..... get you absolutely focused ..... and finaly WAKE UP !!!

Check out the video above!

Here are some stories from life that may encourage you to buld such a 100%-wake-up-clock for yourself ...

I am an engineering student in third year now and this speaks that I do not get enough sleep during the term time.

For me being prepared means actually managing to wake up for the 9am lecture which is very tough ..... and unfortunately I have to do it every day except Thursday and the weekends. It comes hard when I have an assessment in the lab and really have to do it that early.

I have joined the Instructables Be Prepared Contest because it is quite dramatic when I oversleep and then rush without having breakfast and miss the bus ... and have to walk another 40mins going to the second lecture. I hate myself when this happens.

I want to add a happy-ending story that once happened to me to wake up at 7am while I had a flight at 8:30am and now I'm scared to oversleep whenever I'm going to bed.
Asyraf Musa2 years ago
the adafruit backpack does not available at my place..what should i do to proceed this project??
hertzgamma (author)  Asyraf Musa2 years ago

You can always order from ebay.co.uk or amazon.co.uk with international shipping.

Tell me if you need more help.
eddiegr2 years ago
Great job dude...It's beautiful.I'll definitely try to create this one . Thank you for the post.
samaddon2 years ago
very very good project! keep up!
hertzgamma (author)  samaddon2 years ago
Thank you for the support!
icsnerdics2 years ago
this is awesome :D
hertzgamma (author)  icsnerdics2 years ago
Thank you!
jck612 years ago
I know one sound sleeper who would need to put this into some kind of sturdy enclosure to avoid the temptation to turn it off the quick way--by pulling out wires until it is quiet.
Dave28277 jck612 years ago
Steel enclosure....hardwired into the wall with metal conduit.
hertzgamma (author)  Dave282772 years ago
I will put this into my TO BE DONE list!
espdp2 jck612 years ago
Or with a hammer. My preferred method...
Wyle_E espdp22 years ago
One of my "next century" daydreams is alarm clocks that are so cheap that they're sold in packages of 100. The starter package includes a hammer and a small anvil. Or perhaps a clock whose 'alarm off' function is activated by an accelerometer, with the sensitivity set so low that you have to fling the clock across the room to shut it up.
hertzgamma (author)  espdp22 years ago
Ha-ha I shall hang a hammer on the wall too. Just in case ...
AJMansfield2 years ago
The automatic 'snooze button' task for me would then become pulling the piezospeaker out of the breadboard...
I think I need to build one of these for my boyfriend. He is the king of snooze and it makes me crazy in the mornings!