This is a bike survival kit that I think every cyclist should own and take with them when they bike.
The Bike survival kit contains a selection of survival items that will help you survive any situation..

Essential numbers card:
If you are lost or hurt and need some help and don't have a mobile available you can refer to your number card (if you are really good at remembering numbers you don't need this)

Small coins and a note:
The small coins can be used in a pay-phone if a mobile is unavailable, the larger note can be used to buy water/ snacks/ taxi home or anything else you need

Mini first aid kit:
The kit contains some plasters and some tissue, if you have one you should also include an antiseptic wipe, this kit can be used to patch up any cuts or grazes you may encounter.

Puncture repair kit:
Probably the most important part of the kit. The puncture kit contains a small section of sandpaper , a Rubber adhesive solution , q-tips and various sized inner tube patches.

Key holder:
This key holder can be cut to accommodate any type of key and any size, you could use it to store a house key/ bike lock key/ shed key / locker key.... any key basically , you can also store multiple keys.

I have taken an abnormal amount of photos for this instructable so if you get lost just look at the pics :D

Step 1: What You Will Need

Below is a picture of the materials and items i used, i also used some things not in the picture so i have made a list.

1 Altoids tin (minus the contents :D)
Puncture Repair Kit
Rubber soloution
Small section of fine sandpaper
Inner tube Patches
1 Q-tip
1 Small tissue
3 Paper clips
Section of card which is larger than tin
Some foam board
Pencil + Sharpie
2 Coins
1 Note
3 Plasters
Antiseptic wipe (optional)
Adhesive (either super glue or a glue gun)
1 Key
Tiny piece of Blue tack
X-acto knife / Sissors

Its not actually as much as it seems :D
Great kit! I like the cut outs for the coins. I just uploaded an Altoids survival kit. You should take a look.
I couldn't find altoids in russia no matter how hard i search. Just wanted to ask: what dimensions do the tins have?
95 mm wide, 60 mm long, 20 mm tall
i used a maths kit tin..
"not 911 / 999 because if you cant remember that you shouldn't be on a bike at all...." LOL
 i dont get it whats 911/999
emergency phone numbers<br />
whats 999 i know 911 is the police
999 is the emergency services in england
it 000 in australia
Why are they all 3 numbers?
Did you really just ask this question?
Yes I did. Why?
How old are you?
If find that is none of your buisness (sorry if that sounded scarcastic). <br>I was just wondering why instead of 911, we have 1, or 2, or 3, ect.
It's just easier to remember, and England didn't want 911. Australia wanted 000 they're easier then 911...<br><br>I was wondering because, to me at lest, it seems like a rather simple concept..
Correct me if i'm wrong, but 1 is is one of the easiest (and lonliest) phone numbers there are, and the 500 miliseconds spent dialing could very well save you life, though it's not likely. <br>finnaly, i ment mean in the perenthisies in my last comment. <br>
Also easy to misdial.
As is 911 ( I'm not trying to be rude).
911 is in between being too long to dial, and fast enough to do even when hurt.
Its so, because they are easy enough to remember, while at the same time, being 3 digits and that too on the opposite corners on a phone keypad (911), its not very likely a number that could be dialed accidently.<br>Moreover, were you people actually trying to fight over it? Lol.. :P
@ =SMART= This is great idea and thanks for sharing it with us. Can i use another tin can besides this one like a Soda or beer can?
I think even if you did memorize your numbers really well, it's still good to have, so if your unconscious, someone can call them for you.
ya kind of like setting your ICE contacts on your cell phone
I really like the idea of having your name on the tin!
The key idea and the money keeping thing is cool. Thanks for sharing. But too bad I don't bike. I don't even know how...
you dont know how to ride a bike?
I'm going to make some of these as Christmas gifts.
No tire (tyre) levers??
Lots of cool ideas.&nbsp;I realize space is limited but there are a few simple small things that can make a difference if you need them.&nbsp;&nbsp;Ever try riding a bike with a headache or worse, toothache?&nbsp; Jeez Louise, the bumps can be murder!&nbsp; A couple of aspirins or Tylenol, a few antacids take up little space.&nbsp;In the dime stores they used to have a plastic poncho for 99 cents (folded up to 2''X 3'') that you could&nbsp;&nbsp; duck tape under your seat.&nbsp; Lastly, when thinking about the poncho I recalled another 'rubber'&nbsp; type&nbsp;item.&nbsp; Easily fits in the tin &amp;&nbsp;can&nbsp;keep you healthy.&nbsp;&nbsp;Extends&nbsp;&nbsp;your life&nbsp; while protecting against&nbsp; other types of 'accidents'...Enough said?
&nbsp;gr8 ible gonna make soon but need altoid tin<br /> <br />
I don't really ride a bike, but I'm going to make a kit as a gift. What is the sandpaper used for?
&nbsp;The rubber cement that holds the tube patch in place sticks better if you rough up the area around the hole. Some patch kits come with a small piece of metal that resembles a cheese grater for this same purpose.
in another altoids tin you can put the puncture repair kit a wrench, spare tyre (to fit your bike wheel) and a pump. ps# you would need about 4 or 5 tins for that lol.<br />
I wonder how difficult it would be to add a blinking red light to the front and some kind of clamp or velcro attachment to the back....Has anyone tried something like this?
make a red led and a white led to it, and you also have a emergency light! add a small coin cell, 1 bright red led 1 bright white led, 2 resistors (100ohm should do it) , a switch and some way to attach it to your bike/body shouldnt take that much space...
cool, probably gonna make it!
(removed by author or community request)
where are altoids from?
Nice man i realy ganna make it ;D
you should, its fun
awesome but learn to spell first
Awesome Thanks
YAY!!! i made mine (excluding the key, i don't need it. :) ) and it looks great...but my stuff is kinda crammed in there, so i taped it closed, then put the lables on. :) i wrote "tear off tape!" in red sharpie...my printer ran out of collored ink. :(
You know it might be better if you placed a map in there too! (obviously a small one!)
look at mine...
Bike survive?
You make one and put up a pic!
I'll do my best, but no promises.

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