Step 2: Start attaching the 2x2 units

Picture of Start attaching the 2x2 units
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Take an open ring. You can either anchor it to something, or you can treat it as your source ring.

Before you close the ring, slip a 2x2 unit on to it. Now close the ring.

Take a second open ring, and slip it in place parallel to the first open (but now closed) ring. Make sure it goes through exactly the same rings that the first open ring went through, but that the first open ring does not cross the new open ring.

Call the pair of open (but now closed) rings "pair A."
The next pair of rings will be "pair B" and the outer most rings are "pair C."
dawnichu4 years ago
i make chainmail, and i couldnt understand it! you need to be more precise. maybe using coloured rings to show which pairs you are working would help
mponceloz5 years ago
The instructions is not clear, need to take more pictures and add litle more explanation. Good example the instructions by jbb3141.
No offense, but this made zero sense to me =(
krazipanda5 years ago
wolfmage3566 years ago
try learning how to show ur steps better. i find this instructable useless really. you just jump in to it showing absolutely nothing of how you got there