C-Cell Into D-cell Battery Hack.





Introduction: C-Cell Into D-cell Battery Hack.

Your Flashlight battery are DEAD!!

It uses D-cell, but you only have C-cells. Here how you can make it work.

Step 1: What You Need.

OK Its at night. You got a flat on a dirt road, and your cell has no signals. So you need to change your tire.

GOOD NEWS: You got a jack, a spare WITH AIR!, A flashlight.

BAD NEWS: Flashlight D-Cell batteries are DEAD!

OK you have your Boom-Box, with good batteries, But it has C-Cells.

OK here is what you have:
1. Flashlight
2. DEAD D-cell batteries
3. good C-cell batteries
4. Sheet of foil.

Here how to make it work:

Step 2: What to Do.....

There is a 12 mm length difference between a C cell and a D cell, and quarters are about 2 mm thick, so if your flashlight has a really weak spring it could take bit more foil to do the job.



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    If you use some 1" schedule 40 pvc pipe as a sleeve it can be done permanently. In my "5D" maglite I cut a sleeve and it now uses "6C" batteries to overdrive the stock bulb making it brighter. I only had to slightly stretch the tail spring for better contact. In my "3D" maglite I use "4C" by using a sleeve and flipping the tail spring upside down. D-cells cost 2X C-cell batteries

    According to a Popular Science article a while back, they found very little difference between the cheap batteries and the name brand for basic useage. You can go to the Dollar Store or your local Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer and get some cheap but useful batteries.

    I did the tests myself, and the real ones last 40x longer

    yeah, anyone will notice good quality Duracell or energizer works way better than dollar store batteries

    In Britain the Pound-shop AA's last for about 10 minutes in a gameboy advance. Don't know about america, but that doesn't apply where I live.

    ... what type of batteries were those? i mean, what brand?

    NOTE to US readers: Pound-Shop is like Dollar Tree or $1 or Less in the US.

    Sort of, A pound is almost twice as much as a dollar, but you get the point.

    same difference though :P