C.L.A.P.O.F.F is a lamp that every time you turn it off you will hear sheers from a big crowd, congratulating you for remember that is allways better with the lights off.


The idea comes of thinking how to encorage people to turn lights of, in order to save energy, because all day long we are using it and we only think about it and how important it is, when we have to pay the bill or wen is not around.


To make the prototipe work i use PROCESSING (http://processing.org/)that is a way to develop media interactive arts, and WIRING(http://wiring.org.co/)that is use for explore and prototipe with alectronics without been an expert.

In this case I will use WIRING in order to have some activity in the computer (PROCESSING), so when I turn a light off with wiring IO board the computer will produce the sound i want.

First i explore with a led and a little switch.


IO Board only work with voltage from 5 to 15 so in order to conect a lamp bulb you have to use a solid state switch that works like an optocoupler. (http://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets/clare/CPC1965Y.pdf)
The switch is connected like the little one the way is said in wiring.org

Step 4: PROTOTIPE- the Structure

The structure was made with aluminium rod 1cm wide and 2mm thickness.
To curve it first I made a mold with coal brik.
Then use a press and fold the aluminium around the mold.

Step 5: PROTOTIPE - the Fabric

First yo have to make the patern.
To make it easy I cover the estructure with paper and then copy it.

When yo have the paterns done you are able to copy in the fabric to cut and sew.

When you finish sewing the fabric put it into the structure.


Before closing the structure, take another rod and placed it across yhe structure and used to fix the electronics.

After fiked y¡the eslectronic close the structure you can use soldering.

Now yo can conect the lamp and experince a new way of turn the lights off!
Pretty cool idea, i gather this was kind of a spoof of the clap on clap off lights that turn on or off when you clap your hands, right? not saying that this is the only reason for this instructable, but surely mustve been your inspiration. It's a pretty neat idea, not sure of it's practical uses, but cool nonetheless, good to see people trying new ideas.
I failed to understand any of this. I tend to turn my lights off with switches, and I don't applaud myself for doing so.
Hilarious. Great Idea.
So what's with the high quality and in focus photographs?
Yes sure! you are right I would change it as soon as possible!
i can just see it.. a couple laying in bed.. 1 of them is sleeping.. the other is reading.. then for some reason, the reader decides he may want to sleep too !! GASP! so, he turns of the light, and the room arrupts in clapter and *cheers*. then, the other person, wakes up. does not sound like a good idea.
Hi well you have your resons, just if you want to know this is a proyect to explore with interaction, some proyects may have more sense in real live others just want to make a statement, like this one. I've thought that maibe if I redisign a little it could work very well with children.

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