CAD-to-Product With a Laser Cutter: Wood Cube





Introduction: CAD-to-Product With a Laser Cutter: Wood Cube

Quick tutorial on creating a 3D object with CAD software, CAM software, CNC control software, and a Laser Cutter.  This is for laser cutters that operate using g-code.  This is a simple example of how to make a 3D object.  If you want simple boxes, there are many parametric box creation tools out there.

We are using AutoCAD, CamBam, and Mach3 software, along with the blackTooth Laser Cutter/Engraver Kit from, but you can use whichever software and hardware you have available to get the job done...

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    Awesome! I always wondered how to laser cut out a box that would actually fit together! So did you use the depth of the wood to decide on how far out your tabs went?

    you should always double check the thickness of the actual piece you are going to use because they do vary considerably from one to another

    That's exactly right! That will ensure a flush fit along all the edges. In this case, we were cutting 1/8" plywood, so that's the distance we used for the notch insets. Glad you like it!