CAF is the coffee table that moves with you, converting quickly from a coffee table to a three-drawer box 4.5" tall to store and move all the little books, papers, and pencils that don't have a box of their own.

The table can be made entirely out of one 4ft x 8ft piece of plywood 1/2" thick, with common woodworking hand and power tools.

See more at http://XanderBremer.com/CAF

Step 1: CAF - DIY overview and plans

The attached PDF contains the necessary dimensions and other information to complete CAF along with this Instructable.
bethmwl1 year ago


Very neat design.
I love the simple design, but I'll admit you have caught my curiosity. What does CAF stand for?
xbremer (author)  Tait_Clements1 year ago

CAF is a coffee table, so the name is a reference to half-caf (half caffeine, half decaf), in that it's collapsible.

bhermance1 year ago

This is so cool! clever!