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How to make your own Black Ops CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS Mask
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Step 1: A Black long Sleeve T-shirt

Picture of A Black long Sleeve T-shirt
Look for a used black long sleeve Shirt and cut the sleeves ( XL or XXL Size for Adults )

Step 2: The marker line

Picture of the marker line
Mark a line right on the middle and across were the eyes and nose will go. Preferred you put it on and make a dot on your eyes wit a marker.

Step 3: The Painting

1.) Cut a small circle were the eyes will go 2.) Look at the image of call of duty ghosts and freehand a outer line on the sleeve 3.) Put a 1/4 inch right on the middle of the sleeve and add two oval shape tape for the nose 4.) Paint with white Fabric Paint.

Step 4: The Ghosts Mask On

Picture of The Ghosts Mask On
photo shoot of the Call of Duty Ghost Mask
Kona-chan5 months ago

I like it alot

can you also try the mask that only covers the lower part of the face(mouth and nouse)?

LordRaiden015 months ago

I'm only 12 should i still use a XL?

eman1234567458 months ago
Ok thank you
eman1234567458 months ago
I can't seem to get the eyes
Right like in the oval shape
Do you have en advice
Luis Linares (author)  eman1234567458 months ago
Do this, Put the long sleeve shirt on your head and have someone else put a little circle were your eyes are with a marker or like a white chalk, so a small circle first then if you need to make the circle bigger you can.
tommybones9 months ago
I'm not as talented as you and mines came out horrible. I ended up buying one from
BuX21510 months ago
Awesome best I've ever seen
adomingos10 months ago
Do any other kinds of glue work?
bmo15_tbear10 months ago
Awesome defiantly gonna make this
mattmlel11 months ago
pretty cool
voted on it
Luis Linares (author)  mattmlel11 months ago
Thanks for voting for me!
GhostWarrior11 months ago
im confused, do u do something to the top of the mask like sew it together or cut the top into triangles then sew it, i really want to make one
Luis Linares (author)  GhostWarrior11 months ago
Did not do nothing to the top just a Long Sleeve Shirt pulled back no sewing
clay211 months ago
What paint
Luis Linares (author)  clay211 months ago
Its Called Fabric Paint get it at a Crafting store Like joann store, Michael store or Hobby lobby The paint dries up in an hour.
Ichindar127111 months ago
That's pretty cool!
Luis Linares (author)  Ichindar127111 months ago
Thank You!
Mlg-pro 20911 months ago
Luis Linares (author)  Mlg-pro 20911 months ago
Thank You!
tomsmac11 months ago
im making this !about 1 week till halloween.
Luis Linares (author)  tomsmac11 months ago
Cool man Its pretty easy
tomsmac11 months ago
ps i voted for you
Luis Linares (author)  tomsmac11 months ago
Thanks A lot!
BlackrocksOps11 months ago
This is awesome man, thanks a ton.
Luis Linares (author)  BlackrocksOps11 months ago
Thank you!
8bitMisfit11 months ago
Luis Linares (author)  8bitMisfit11 months ago
dlee67111 months ago
I love your passion for the game. I hope it lives up to the hype
Luis Linares (author)  dlee67111 months ago