Here is an easy-to-build, highly versatile camera stabilizer that can be constructed with readily available parts and basic tools.


This device was primarily built for shooting from moving vehicles, especially when filming other moving vehicles, such as boat-to-boat, car-to-car, and helicopter-to-ground vehicles or boats. The basic principle is that simple weights, when connected to a camera, eliminate jitter and giggle and allow for smooth, stable video. Of course, as with a steadicam or other such devices, the arms and legs of the cameraperson are an important part of the system. The rig can be hand held as shown, but I have also had great success hanging the assembly from the top of a helicopter door using the necessary number of bungies to support the total weight and allow free movement.
<p>But I am sad that it eliminates the &quot;giggle&quot; - tee hee heee.....</p>
<p>Wow, very cool!</p>
Impressive ! I Like it...

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