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A person that is using a cane is most likely  an elderly person which means, not a great eye sight. It is very dangerous for a elderly person to be walking outside specially at night. This cane with an attached flash light that comes out its and incredible tool that can help make the life of a disabled person much easier by allowing them more freedom especially at night.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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A cane
A small flashlight (at dollar store $2)
A thick wire 10 or 12 gauge solid (you can get this at any home depot)
A plumbing clip on ring ( also can get at any home depot depending on the cane size)

Wired cutters

Step 2:

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Make 2 holes in the clip
Pass the cable through them and secure it.  
(make sure the clip fits you cane like mine does)

Step 3: CLip the Cliper

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Apply preasure  to the wire to keep flashlight on position. Clip cliper on cane
Now you have a cane with a flashlight incorporated, now remember you can still take the flashlight out and use it as a flashlight only.


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