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1.First made this structure using sculpt workspace in fusion 360.

Step 1:

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2.After sculpt environment, go to model workspace then draw an arc of circle meeting with the cap.

Step 2:

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Create extrude in the cap shade ,also remove some portion of the shade of

the cap.

Step 3:

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Add fillet to the round corners and also add some colours to the cap.

Step 4:

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Adding full colours to the faces of cap.

Step 5:

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Constructing an offset plane which is just touching the front of the cap.

Step 6:

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Select the text option from the sketch drop down, now extrude the sketch which is "CAP".

Step 7:

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This is the rendered view of the cap , done by autodesk fusion 360.

detailed drawing is given in the Pdf attached.

Step 8:


Swansong (author)2018-01-02

That's an interesting idea, I wonder if you could print it from a more flexible material like Polyflex :)

ankitthakur1998 (author)Swansong2018-01-03

thanks for suggestion

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