This Headlight Lens Solution is designed to restore clarity to headlight lenses that have become yellowed, cloudy, or hazed over time. By restoring clarity to lens you improve the performance of the headlight and enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

Headlight lenses have either a hard surface layer or UV resistant coating over the surface of the lens. Once a lens has been degraded by sun or UV light and becomes yellowed and cloudy, it is necessary to remove that yellowed layer in order to restore clarity to the lens. The effort required to refurbish headlight lenses will vary greatly by vehicle manufacturer, year, make, model, and headlight design. LARGE OR EXTREMELY HAZED LENSES MAY REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE SET OF SAND PAPER DISCS.

The equipment you need for this Headlight Solution is a 1200-1600 R.P.M (Revolutions per Minute) drill equipped with a Disc Holder pad, and sanding discs to remove the yellowed layer from the headlight lens surface. Two Sanding Steps will follow to refine,  and reduce the sand scratches that are made when removing the moving yellowed layer. Finally, the Rubbing Compound and a foam Pad will remove the fine scratches and put the final clarity on the headlight lens.

1. 1200 – 1600 RPM Drill Machine
2. Headlight Lens Solution Kit (Available at any Car Parts Store, Walmart etc.)
3. Two Rag Cloths.
4. Water Spray Bottle.
5. Silicon Rubbing Car Polish (Available in Car Accessory Aisle at Walmart)
6 Soap Water.


1. Drill Machine - If you don’t own one, you can borrow it from a friend or loan it from Car parts store.
2. Headlight Lens solution Kit at Walmart, O’reilly, Advance Auto Parts - $17
3. Silicone Rubbing Compound - $3
4. Masking Tape - $2
5. All other items can be found in your kitchen cabinet
6. One hour of your precious time :-) .
TOTAL - $22
Minimum Cost of Replacing New Headlights - $ 200
What this means is that anyone can save hundreds of dollars by spending just one hour of their time working on their car. The end result is guaranteed to enhance the performance, and visual appeal of your car.

The difference is clearly visible in the first picture where the left headlight is damaged, and the right headlight is treated with this self application procedure.
zNikko4 years ago
i used toothpast and polished it with wd40 works great for a cheap DIY
Fujo4 years ago
You need to adjust/focus your headlights!!
harmitsingh (author)  Fujo4 years ago
I wrecked the car once so lights are a little beat up! i didnt replace them...........
dchall84 years ago
I recently had reason to try the Mr Clean Magic Eraser (and the knock off Quick Eraser, 2 for a dollar, from any dollar store) for another cleaning job. I had the eraser pad in the car and thought I'd try it on my headlights. It worked pretty well. It takes about a minute with very light pressure, costs $0.50, and you can still use the eraser pad to clean up other stuff. The eraser might not work for everyone but it sure is worth a try.

One way to guarantee that your headlight lenses will haze over is to use the modern liquid wax/cleaners on them. As a test I just touched some of that wax in the orange bottle to the lens. That spot has been hazed ever since. Don't know about the paste waxes, but I'm not taking any chances.
harmitsingh (author)  dchall84 years ago
Magic Eraser might work but it will take ages to scrub all those top layers off the hazed plastic............its good for small scratches or stains.... :-)

Using organic solvents or cleaners on the plastic is not a good idea since they will kill it ............I would suggest avoiding them,..........They can damage you lens permanently..

Good Luck
CrLz4 years ago
Nice, a great how to.

Thanks for posting, with a laptop and your Instructable, car care is easy!
harmitsingh (author)  CrLz4 years ago
You are absolutely right.........another great thing is gooogle........