Introduction: COOL CAR PRANK

Learn how to perform a cool car prank using a simple zip tie.



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Questions & Answers


Seriously? Bush with a potato wha??? That's funny.

Ah, a modern version of the "couple of pebbles inside the hubcap" trick.

You can do this on a rear wheel drive vehicle too.... I am have done it many times in the past....haha. Just put the zip ties on the driveshaft. It makes a heck of a noise and there is nothing under there to damage, as the driveshaft sets up in a depression in the bottom of the car.

What was that about shooting george bush in the face with a potato cannon?!?!

 Yeah this may be "cool" or "funny" But it wont be funny when that zip raps its self around the rubber brake line and rips its free. IMO this is a bad idea... could land you in possible trouble if you cause a wreck. 

 Rubber Brake Line? must be a geo metro!

Those are no where near the drive shaft though. A split second of thought should be all it takes to make sure nothing is hit...

in that location what you would also have to worry about is gas (depending on the age of the car), automatic transmission, or any other electrical lines, this prank can cut them if you are not careful