I had a "blast" this year putting together a few delicious Father's Day treats. I love making caramel apples because: A. they are delicious, B. they are quick & easy, and C. their simple shape can be easily decorated for a variety of occasions. I wanted all the Fathers in my life to know just how awesome they are so I transformed this classic treat into a BOMB & paired it with a cute note. Like....


caramels (or ingredients for your favorite caramel recipe)
bamboo skewers
braided rope
orange or red permanent marker
extra dark chocolate
wax paper or silicone mat

1. Prepare your apples by washing them & removing the stems.
2. Create you bomb "fuses" by cutting 4" pieces of rope. Color & fray one of the ends to resemble fire. 
3. Run a skewer through the center of the braided rope. (CAREFULLY!!! don't skewer your hand & watch for splinters) Be sure to leave room at the end of the skewer for your apple too. TIP: you can remove the center piece of the rope, creating a hollow tube.
4. Skewer each apple. Then cut off the excess bamboo at the top of the "fuse" using scissors.
5. Melt or make your caramels for dipping
6. Dip each apple in the caramel & allow excess to drip off the bottom. Then place it on the silicon mat or wax paper to cool for an hour
7. Melt your chocolate using a double boiler or a fondue pot. 
8. Dip each caramel apple into the chocolate & use a butter knife to cover the top close to the rope.
9. Allow your chocolate to cool & harden completely.
10. Package up each bomb with a note or card. Then plant them were your unsuspecting victims will get what they deserve!

Enjoy the treat, the smiles, & the laughter! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

What an EXPLOSIVE idea!
You showed it with a slice out, i thought perhaps it had been run through a correr/apple slicer before caramel wrapping it. so one just needs to shove out the core to &quot;explode the &quot;bomb&quot; <br> <br>I slice apples like this all the time, turns apples into snack food, <br> <br>slicer like this. http://blogs.smarter.com/blogs/chefappleslicer.jpg
That would be a great idea too! I don't pre slice or core mine because I dip them in a homemade caramel. I think if you bought the caramel sheets you might be able to do it. I think you should do an &quot;ible&quot; on making pre sliced caramel apples, because I haven't figured that one out yet &amp; it would be really cool.
My slicer, if i don't jam it all the way to the bottom of the apple (and most of the time even if i do) it wont cut the bottom 1cm of apple, so if you flip it over and push the apple comes out sliced but whole, and even on most apples you cant even see the cuts, i suspect if one was careful one could put a stick in the core and dip it. <br> <br>but i agree if you use the sheets it would be easy. as soon as i get a my kitchen setup (just moved) i will look into doing one. If you or someone else does not beat me to it!
I won't steal your thunder. I'm just really excited to see if it would work. I've always liked the chocolate oranges that have the separate slices, and I know It would be AMAZING to have a carmel apple come that way too. Good luck, with the move &amp; the project both :)
im going to do this with a fake fuse sparkler...... it looks like a fuse but only burns at the end...........
That would be an awesome twist! Just be safe &amp; don't catch anything on fire unintentionally! :)
yeah, i post da pics as soon as possible
love em! awesome ible
Yay caramel apples! My favoriate!
You did a &quot;bang - up&quot; job on those apples! Awesome!

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