You might think... this guy doesn't have anything else to do... but the thing is... I moved from Portugal to the United Kingdom and the IBM Case was too heavy, so i had to choose, the case or some clothe :D... 

But to do this you have to check if everything fits, and if you have cable lenght.

Step 1:

First, put the board on the side of the case and with a nail puncture the holes of the board.

Step 2: The Power Supply

Just cut the hole power supply

Step 3: Vent

Opening the vent hole and build the vent tunnel. 

Step 4: Hard Drives

Let's what we can do so... they don't overheat and burn .

Step 5: Final Wiring

So this can work, i need the on/off button and some usb ports and some sound! 

Step 6: Opening the Holes in the Back

Final cuts, for all the other ports . 

Step 7: Will It Work?

Well, now i was nervous ... will it work ? will it burn immediately?  let's check!!



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    You were really lucky. IIRC, Maximum PC did this as part of a $500 dollar PC challenge, and theirs caught fire. Great work, though.

    Thanks dude! You just gave me a great idea! I'm getting a cheap Pentium 1 laptop tomorrow, w/o a charger and the screen is broken. I'm gonna try to build a nettop from it, that's the best way to build a case. Way to go bro!

    NEAT! now overclock it and see if it catches fire!!

    Dave Murphy, formerly from Maximum PC, built a computer in a cardboard box once, but his caught fire.

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    Lol, sounds like he needed more cooling fans!!


    The CPU, working with AE and Premiere and Photoshop, never exceeded the 70º.
    The smaller HDD( with the OS ) had a maximum of 55º,
    The 1TB HDD reached the 70º on a peek.
    Temperatures are ok, but i'm still going to install a small fan over the HDD, so i can unistall the temperature software, because i really need all CPU and memory available.

    Me thinks I'll be making a knex computer case...

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    I look forward to see your knex computer ;)  good luck with that!

    I took apart a computer, it still works, but the cable are so short, so it might be a while.

    you are great..! that box I used it for place my CD collection..! next time I will try your's good ! Thanks..!

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    Thank you!! :D i´m glad you liked it ! 

     l Iove using those types of cardboard boxes, they are a lot more sturdy than one would think. Before I start on a project, I like to turn the box inside-out. This makes it possible to decorate.

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    That is trully a god ideia...  now i could have a nice computer case and not a hp printer computer case!!  :D

    Wow, you must not build pc's often, yes hard drives do overheat, when they are under load writing, and so wrapping them together like you did is a sure FIRE, way to burn down the house, Pc are supposed to be built in a steel case, Or atleast a metal lined plastic case, cmon people lets use our brains.....
    Case or clothes, I think you left more behind than just the case

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    The self-ignition temperature of paper is 232 ° C . So effectively, without direct flame, there is NO chance to see a burning computer...
    And if you use your reading glasses, you can see that the hard drives have about 1 cm between them.
    I can also inform you my dear brainiac, that this IBM motherboard has 4 temperature sensors and the hd also have one each. 
    God created man, and man created the software to monitor temperature. temperature is limited  to 75Cº.