Hi! i'm going to instructable you a CARDBOARD IPAD HOLDE FOR CAR. it is easy to make and really useful when you watch a movie, play game or just put in it :) so it will be really good to make it. and i think it will be more nice you to make with wood so it will be more strong and can use long time. so LET'S GET STARED

Step 1: Step 1 (materiels)

the materiels we need are :

- pencils and ruler (for mesure and draw a line and specialy the ruler is most important)

-scissors to cut

-tape or glue to stick

-cardboard (really important more then ruler ha ha )

alright so let's get started!

Step 2: Step 3 (ROCK AND ROLL)

1) we need to mesure a height and weide of iPad to make a holder

2) cut it with a scissors.

3) cut the size like the paper. the cuttingis really easy but to me it's super hard

4) and make sure to make a space for ipad

Step 3: Step Optional

if you want ro see a screen you can cut the center to see a screen but it's option to do with you

Step 4: Step 3 (for Hanging)

this is for hanging in car and I have two idea of it one is with rubber and anotherone is made with cloth hanger. it's also really easy to make it. I'll upload a phto to be more easier to understand and I also hope you under stand my drqing cause i draw like a garbage LOL

Step 5: Step Finish!

it's done and enjoy with ipad hangern and thanks for watching! oh if there is some problem please write in common.

P.S : this is my firsht time to do it so please help me at it

and i wanna win a contest not in first prize a runner ups it is really full to me only for that :)

special thanks to my mom and me

i'm really only glad that i have posted


P.S 2: i think making with wood is more better idea ti will be more strong and can use long time



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    It was great design cause easy to make when you traval somewhere. .very nice design...