-Can hear or see, or both - kinda
-Are strong, but break easily
-Can robot dance

The goal here is to build a robot, that is like a robot. It should be able to do human scale stuff, and look like a robot.

Don't get too excited - it does not end well!

This is Emma's clean up robot -

-It is supposed to:
- Here what you say
- Pick stuff up and put it away
- Look like a robot

The big challanges are: getting good motors( harvest from drills at Harbor Freight  ) , controlling the motors, powering the motors, voice recognition, navigation, not catching on fire, not breaking things, not spending to much money..... -- link to drill --

Very few of these goals are completed in this instructable - but it is getting too long.

So, lets begin!

NOTE:  If you follow this instructable step-be-step from begining to end, it will probably drive you insane (have you every tried following a cat all day?)  I say, learn what you can, put a fresh battery in your smoke detector, and bash on.

Everybody likes videos up front - here are a few:

Video - shows basic functions - all motors running bi-directional

Video:  Wheels working well (ie before they broke)

Video: Crash:

Video: Emma explains:

Video - with head - serial commands

Step 1: Plans

Great project...just maybe for a future reference dont put the programs on the imstructable...put in a link to a pdf file or something :)
wicked cool!
You sure spent a lot of time making this! What a write up! Thanks for sharing.Sunshiine
Thanks Randy! <br><br>There sure is plenty of work to do on this topic. What we need are giant hobby servo motors...<br><br>-Marc<br><br>
This is incredibly awesome. Nice job.

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