-Can hear or see, or both - kinda
-Are strong, but break easily
-Can robot dance

The goal here is to build a robot, that is like a robot. It should be able to do human scale stuff, and look like a robot.

Don't get too excited - it does not end well!

This is Emma's clean up robot -

-It is supposed to:
- Here what you say
- Pick stuff up and put it away
- Look like a robot

The big challanges are: getting good motors( harvest from drills at Harbor Freight  ) , controlling the motors, powering the motors, voice recognition, navigation, not catching on fire, not breaking things, not spending to much money..... -- link to drill --

Very few of these goals are completed in this instructable - but it is getting too long.

So, lets begin!

NOTE:  If you follow this instructable step-be-step from begining to end, it will probably drive you insane (have you every tried following a cat all day?)  I say, learn what you can, put a fresh battery in your smoke detector, and bash on.

Everybody likes videos up front - here are a few:

Video - shows basic functions - all motors running bi-directional

Video:  Wheels working well (ie before they broke)

Video: Crash:

Video: Emma explains:

Video - with head - serial commands

Step 1: Plans

Picture of Plans
Great project...just maybe for a future reference dont put the programs on the imstructable...put in a link to a pdf file or something :)
wicked cool!
sunshiine3 years ago
You sure spent a lot of time making this! What a write up! Thanks for sharing.Sunshiine
marc.cryan (author) 3 years ago
Thanks Randy!

There sure is plenty of work to do on this topic. What we need are giant hobby servo motors...


randofo3 years ago
This is incredibly awesome. Nice job.