Step 37: Waist Linkage Redo

Rebuilt mechanism to bend at waist - still not great

-moved motor a little
-added L bracket to try and get more leverage (had to make L bracket)
-added small link to give it some slack
-added a screw to keep the link from locking up when robot is bent all the way down

-also - replace mosfet driving waist motor (second time - should add fuse, or something better)
Great project...just maybe for a future reference dont put the programs on the imstructable...put in a link to a pdf file or something :)
wicked cool!
You sure spent a lot of time making this! What a write up! Thanks for sharing.Sunshiine
Thanks Randy! <br><br>There sure is plenty of work to do on this topic. What we need are giant hobby servo motors...<br><br>-Marc<br><br>
This is incredibly awesome. Nice job.

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