The late summer of 2010, just a few days before the first day of school, we had a Back to School Carnival Party.  All the prizes were school supplies, fun pencils and folders, Squishies and erasers.  The kids had a blast and requested to do it again for the start of the 2011 school year.

Most of the games we made ourselves from recycled items or things purchased at Goodwill, thrift shops, garage sales.  This party was put together on a budget.  It did take some time to put the games together, but most cost very little money.

Thank you for looking =)


You can find many, many amazing invitations for carnivals on Etsy, Ebay and online shopping.  Be prepared to spend some money with this option as custom work can be expensive. 

I also like Shutterstock.com if you have Adobe or a similar software.  You can download graphics and then add text.  It is very easy to do and relatively inexpensive.

For my budget idea, I have created a very simple template for a ticket invitation that has many different looks.  You can control the cost by which paper you choose to use.  Construction paper to speciality scrapbooking paper, as an example.  Add stickers or ribbon for a fun look.  I also like that there is a spot to add your child's picture.  For my template you will need a 6x9 envelope.

I also added two invitations that are made with just plain white cardstock.  It costs pennies, but still has a great look.  You could even have your child draw little carnival pictures on them.  Just fill in the information and you are ready to go.

Cute :3
I did a carnival themed party but it wasn't as cool as this
<p>Very cute.</p>
Didn't the county fair borrow the alien invasion game
your party rules sincee I'm your duaghter you have to let me use your prizes <br> <br>I MEAN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
I agree... Well im not your daughter, but im your daughters best friend.
MY little 7 year old sister's birthday is coming up, i this is soooo helpfull
wicked awesome! good work. i love all your painting. how long did this all take you, and do you know, roughly, how much it all cost?
Thanks. This was a family project. We worked on it nights and weekends. We spent much more time than money since most of the games were recycled items.
IMPRESSIVE! Big CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing - you definitely win the Most Creative Mom award!<br />I bet everyone <i>loved</i> it.
Thank you. The party was a lot of fun. The neighborhood wants to make it a yearly event. I get tired just thinking about it.
Kids always love themes like this. Great idea of giving out school supplies.
Thanks =)
Very cute and creative. I am planning on a carnival party for my 4 year old this summer. Nice ideas.
Thank you. Good luck on your party.
I love the aliens! They look fantastic.
They did turn out cute and were quite the hit.
looks like a very fun time for everyone, Im going to spread the idea to my daughter and her friends
Thanks so much.

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