Knex Assault Rifle C.88





Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle C.88

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Check out my new Knex Assualt Rifle C.88 V1.2

Sup guys, this is my powerful knex rifle. It shoots a decent 40-50ft with 2 #64 rubber bands. It has a mag but it doesnt load directly into the barrel. You pull the lever and a bullet comes out and you load it in. Its also very durable.

- Good range
- Very durable
- Ammo holder
- Comfy handle =P
- Accuarate sights
- Looks kool

- Side trigger (its worth the gun though)
- Load it through the front of the barrel

I give PARTIAL credit to "knex 3" for part of the gun. I know him and he desinged some of it and I designed some of it to and I made the sights and the ammo holder and the durablility feature which takes up a lot of the insides of the gun. So really it's a two man gun.



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    awesome design, just fix the trigger, and add an actual magazine and this will be really awesome.

    Hey guys check out my new version V1.2 From the link above. It has a true trigger and it got insanely moded it rocks.

    Pretty good actually. I thought it would be a lame block trigger rifle, but you showed me otherwise. Faved and 5! :P

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    Ok ppl. I can't make a true trigger for this gun for a while cuz i've been working on that for over a month and i still can't make a true trigger for it. they all break. I make other gun with great true triggers but this one they all break so if you have any ideas post or tell me bout em.

    meh. Loading through the front barrel and block triggers suck.

    This is a less than satisfactory weapon, but it's not horrible, so I'm kind of on the "eeeehhhh" side.

    ok, i dont like this gun for 2 reasons

    1. its a block trigger
    2. its still a single shot, the ammo holder does not directly load into the barrel.

    but still 1.5* because its more than a regular tube and stick block trigger

    I'll hav a true trigger posted by wendsday. I have been busy and havnt had any time to work on the gun.

    sry guys im working on a true trigger

    quite possibly a block trigger =/


    oh no!