This is a pen to keep my indoor cats from running away while still letting them get some outside time.

Step 1: Step 1. Get Some Old Fencing From a Friend. Wrap It Underneath a Tree.

Picture of Step 1.  Get Some Old Fencing From a Friend.  Wrap It Underneath a Tree.

I put it under the tree so it would be less of an eyesore. It worked pretty well as it is fairly hidden.

Step 2: Insert Cats.

Picture of Insert Cats.

Insert your cats.


keikothemeowmeow (author)2009-09-09

:) I've seen people make some nifty outdoor rooms out of chicken fencing, hinges and 2x4s. Just stick a 2x4 in each corner, and chicken fence all around + a door. They usually attach them right where the rear entrance to the house is so they can keep it open and let the cats leave as they please.

Our cat is trained now so that when we open the door he trots right over to the pen to be let in. Came out the other night and there were a couple raccoons checking him out. He looked like he thought the penitentiary was a good idea that night.

arirang777 (author)2009-05-08

LOL! let's called Guan-cat-namo! but without the torture stuff

HamO (author)2007-08-10

What keeps them from "going over the wall"?

WesDoesStuff (author)HamO2007-08-11

among other things... gravity. j/k actualy you make a good point. assuming that the said cat hasn't been de-clawed, the cat could simply climb the tree and jump from a over-hanging branch.

Freebird (author)WesDoesStuff2009-04-10

This has been in place for over a year and no jail breaks so far no matter how loud I play the AC/DC song for them. I think they are just happy to be outside and they seem much more interested in bugs and such than escaping. K

HOMEPIE64 (author)2008-03-06

i have a problem my cat climbs my BRICK CHIMNEY how will this fence keep her in ????

Freebird (author)2007-08-13

We keep an eye on them while they're in there. So far they haven't made the discovery that they are inches away from freedom. One of them has climbed the tree several times but didn't escape. I was thinking that if it became a problem I would put something in place to keep them from climbing the tree.

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