CBTL Beverage Capsules -- recycle and reuse (also Starbucks Versimo pods)

Picture of CBTL Beverage Capsules -- recycle and reuse (also Starbucks Versimo pods)
This Instructable explores my experiments with CBTL coffee maker capsules by Caffitaly. I have a CBTL Americano machine that I bought off eBay for $76 (see photo).

The Americano is capable of producing coffee, tea, espresso and hot chocolate. It is compact and easy to use. I bought it for my office because of the wide range of beverages it is capable of making. CBTL manufactures a number of different machines that all use the same capsule system. I found the Americano to be the most versatile for my needs.

CBTL machines use capsules not unlike a Keurig. Unlike the latter, however, the CBTL machines have a two stage pump. Low pressure for coffee and tea and high pressure for espresso.

The CBTL capsules are almost identical to the "pods" used by the Starbucks Verismo machines. Some of my experiments involved Verismo pods.
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Step 1: Starbuck's Milk Pod

Picture of Starbuck's Milk Pod
The Starbuck's milk pod for their Versimo machine is one of the more interesting pods that you can use with a CBTL machine. The pod contains milk powder that has been specially ground to a fineness that allows it to be expressed by the hot water produced by the machine. I bought a box of these pods and discovered that they worked fine in my Americano machine. In the office they cannot be beat for adding frothy milk to a hot beverage.

The red arrow points to the bottom of the pod, which has fine holes in it unlike the other pods and capsules.

Be cautioned that you use these pods in a CBTL machine at your own risk. I would not use two of these pods in a row as they might clog the machine mechanism.
joyceg413 months ago

I bought the Starbucks Verismo Pikes Peak Roast and it has worked very well in my CBTL . Also bought Keurigs Lavazza Intenso and that does not fit so I will switch the coffee into one of my MT capsules. So far, so good! I think I will try the Foil Tape as the foil covers on Ebay cost a lot. I am glad to have seen this article, thanks, joyce

Exocetid (author)  joyceg413 months ago
You might also want to try Versimo milk pods, which also work in the CBTL machine. I put a milk pod in and then run the "small cup" espresso cycle to get about a third of a cup of hot milk. I follow that with a CBTL chai capsule. It makes chai the way I like it, just sweet from the milk and no added sugar. Running the chai pod after the milk pod "keeps the pipes clean" as well.