Introduction: CCOAR2.5

HEY everybody on ibles its me Chaos i was a senor member on knex innovation. After not being able to get on anymore i decide to move here. HERE is my baby

Shoots over 100+ feet
looks awesome
removable mag

WELL If i get over 100 comments i might think about instructions



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    You gonna repost this gun here?

    i might think about it thanks for the comment

    It looks good and strong, nice range to!

    it had real easy pull back to i am actually think about starting a new gun any one want to collaborate

    I'll have to see, if I have time.

    pm me if you can it wont be for a while i am still thinking bout it

    Umm im down to callaborate. I like doing that better anyways. What kind of gun r u planning on building if you do do this with someone?

    it would be a oodammo pistol but it wont be for a while

    oh ok. but is it ok if i do it with you? i dont wanna assume that i am automaticly doing it. but ive always wanted to do one