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The digital template of this papercraft kit can now be acquired via


katkamps (author)2016-06-21

Is there a way to print this without the coloring (all white)?

Mosquit0 made it! (author)2016-05-09

I enjoyed making this thing! It's not perfect, but I got my mother to believe it was a real camera. It's a beginning, I guess.

kevin_kenway (author)2015-01-17

i voted for you

Finest_Potato (author)2015-01-10

Uhh there's no instructions


I'd love to see pictures along the way of this build. I think it would be top notch!

Katokami (author)tomatoskins2015-01-11

I added a video where you can see the assembly. It's the pre-cut version of the camera but you get the idea ;)

Katokami (author)Katokami2015-01-12

To make things clearer, I replaced the PDF-instructions with step-by-step images.

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