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Introduction: CD Art

I had a stack of old CDs lying around. For a long time I was planning to reuse them for a different purpose but I had no clue. Then one day while I was surfing on the internet I found an interesting idea to convert these in to great art work that can be put up on the walls. I liked this idea because I thought it was very easy to do, just few simple steps. The final product turns out to be pretty good.

Step 1: Things Needed

1. Any old CD
2. Acrylic color (preferably dark color)
3. Paint brush
4. Pencil
5. Anything with sharp point to scratch the color (I used the arm of the screwdriver)

Step 2: Apply Paint

• Shiny side of the CD shows rainbow colors when light falls on it. We r going to use this side

• Apply the acrylic color on shiny side. Here I have used black color. Make sure you have a thick layer of this color so that it becomes easy to scratch the color later

• Leave it to dry

Step 3: Draw a Design

Draw your favorite design on the colored side

Step 4: Scratch the Design

• With the help of screwdriver arm scratch the color along the outline of the design Try not to scratch very hard otherwise you’ll damage the shiny coating

• You may also want to scratch the inside of the design to make it more interesting

Step 5: Stick It on the Wall

Put the finished CD art on the wall using blue tac

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86 Discussions

How can one plug the hole in the center of the cd?

2 replies

Try covering it on both sides with construction paper or cut a circle out of a piece of card board.using the first layer of the card board.glue them on before painting.I would try this way.have fun!

With a beautiful button or polymer clay piece you can make EASILY - no one will be the wiser. Just make sure to attach a push pin to the button/clay piece from the back and it will serve to hold your CD art to the wall!

Do u paint the other side too or just the shiney side?

Can I use washable paints? I don't use acrylic paints because they get everywhere and don't wash off. I have used these paints instead of acrylic paints in lots of crafts, and it turns out the same, or similar. Will these paints have the same impact?

i was wondering if you have to use acrylic paint can you use oil paint ?

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I'm afraid oil paint will never dry on a CD - it hardly dries on an artist's canvas. That's why oil paintings are never under glass - they are never DRY!

I think it has to be acrylic paint because acrylic on plastic is easily scratched off (and it dries faster) I don't think oils work the same way (and can take up to 3 days to dry). plus acrylic paints are cheaper, since you can pick the up at a dollar store.

très bonne idée,la peinture en séchant se décolle,je l'aie fait avec de la peinture acrylique.! faut'il netoyer les cd avant?

This is really pretty. I just re-did my room so I needed new wall decor and this was perfect. Thanks! :)

Where do you get patterns?

I think a dremal tool would really be ea to use with a flex shaft. just use a slow speed and don't push hard. Many sizes to choose from.

I think a Dremal tool with the flex shaft would really be easy to use. Just like a pencil. Many different size points and more more control. Just go with a slow speed and don't push hard.

These look really easy and fun to make