I am the kind of person who cant live without a mouse pad. Since the one i had had worn out, i decided to make my own.

Step 1: Gathering Resources


1> Clear Transparent CD Boxes

2> Adhesive

Thats it?... yep!

You could just throw away the CD's like i did or you could use them for any other project. But be sure that the Case is transparent/lucent.

Step 2: Open Up

Open the cases and make an arrangement of your choice for your Pad. I've given a few examples but if you could come up with any, well and good.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive Force

After deciding your Pattern/Design, apply the adhesive to fix the cases in place. Be sure to test it out beforehand.

Step 4: Final Touches

I stuck only the places where the Four Circles would meet so that i cud close the case and it smaller when ever i required. This also serves as an immediate storage space for rough papers and stuff, Else you could actually store CD/DVDs too.

Make, Experiment, Upgrade and have Fun!

Thanks for Reading! Have a nice Day!

<p>I am not sure I would use it as a mouse pad but it would be great as a drink coaster for a desk or similar, neat project !</p>
that's actually a great idea! jus need to add some LED's to light 'em up! <br><br>I've been using that mouse pad for months and works perfectly fine for me. just have to use the rough side for d mouse! <br><br>Thanks!

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Bio: I am doing my B.arch (1st sem) in India.
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