Introduction: EDGE-LIT Mouse Pad Cum CD Case

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I am the kind of person who cant live without a mouse pad. Since the one i had had worn out, i decided to make my own.

Step 1: Gathering Resources

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1> Clear Transparent CD Boxes

2> Adhesive

Thats it?... yep!

You could just throw away the CD's like i did or you could use them for any other project. But be sure that the Case is transparent/lucent.

Step 2: Open Up

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Open the cases and make an arrangement of your choice for your Pad. I've given a few examples but if you could come up with any, well and good.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive Force

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After deciding your Pattern/Design, apply the adhesive to fix the cases in place. Be sure to test it out beforehand.

Step 4: Final Touches

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I stuck only the places where the Four Circles would meet so that i cud close the case and it smaller when ever i required. This also serves as an immediate storage space for rough papers and stuff, Else you could actually store CD/DVDs too.

Make, Experiment, Upgrade and have Fun!

Thanks for Reading! Have a nice Day!


Tom Howbridge (author)2014-11-08

I am not sure I would use it as a mouse pad but it would be great as a drink coaster for a desk or similar, neat project !

Kaushik LS (author)Tom Howbridge2014-11-08

that's actually a great idea! jus need to add some LED's to light 'em up!

I've been using that mouse pad for months and works perfectly fine for me. just have to use the rough side for d mouse!


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