I was doing little sliming process  with my CD collection and so lot of CD boxes has left unused. There wasn't place in bin for tham so I use tham to store another CDs.

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Step 1: What you'll need...

Picture of What you'll need...
o 1 glue for plastic
o many of CD boxes 

Step 2: Sticking part

Picture of Sticking part
Just take 5 CD boxes and stick them together.

1. Put one box as a base. 
2. Put a glue on 2 sides of the box and stick another two boxes on it.
3. Glue the back side of base box and two side boxes.
4. Add another box between those two boxes. (you don't need to add this one, but the rack will be much more stable with it )
5. Glue all three top parts of boxes.
6. Add another box on the top.

First deck of the rack is ready.

Step 3: Making more decks

Picture of Making more decks
Continue like in the previous step to add more decks on each other. 
You can add as many decks as you need :-)

Step 4: Filling rack

Picture of Filling rack
If you have ready one rack  fill it with CDs and it ready for use:)

Step 5: Make it bigger

Picture of Make it bigger
If you need you can put more racks together to make one big rack of CDs. 
rix_1015 years ago
thats such a great idea...why didnt i think of that :P
yate5 years ago
wow, this is really awesome. I was wondering how to add space for my boyfriend's cd collection (always growing), and this is a very cheap, modulable solution... if i find empty cd boxes.

( sorry for the poor english, I'm French. )
yate yate5 years ago
I made one of these racks ! The man of the cd shop simply gave me 10 cd boxes, witch was really very nice from him since i don't think he was allowed to. I had 3 more at home, so it was just enough for a 3 box heigh rack. It was more difficult to glue than you seem to show. I had to make little things to maintain the cds while the glue dried ( folded carboard pieces on the corners of the construction, holded by clothespin.. i'll take pictures for the next racks if you want ), before putting the top box and then before putting anything on the top box. I just managed to get 26 more boxes, and I'll make too more soon. Maybe with a stronger glue...
ondroo (author)  yate5 years ago
wooow,Im really happy you like it and you did it :-) I would love to see the photo of your rack :-) Yeah it is little tricky with glue, depends a lot from glue you use, I used one for plastic that stick good and dry fast. Im really really happy you made it :-) Andrej
Hi. I like this idea. Looks really cool. The empty jewel cases can be used for lots of cool stuff. I have used them to make picture frames myself.
ondroo (author)  sparkleponytx5 years ago
you are right CD cases are really good building staff :)
and also old CDs I've used tham to make a wall clock and always put one under my hot cup of tee ;-)
laxap5 years ago
Nice project.

In the intro step, I would select a picture of the finished product (e.g. #10) as the first intro image, because it is that one that is shown in the ibles index.
ondroo (author)  laxap5 years ago
Thanx, I did as you said. I gues it is better to see final product, than a  bunch of CDs :-)