Step 4: Organize the cases

Picture of Organize the cases
- Turn over your super poster and lay the open CD cases over it to decide how they're going to look. It doesn't have to be a traditional rectangular mural. In fact that's the beauty in this. The arrangement of the CD cases can easily match the concept of the image it's displaying, so be creative about it !

- Turn the poster over again and start marking the case panels.

Keep it organized. The CD cover panel is slightly smaller in width than the back panel. So start drawing the horizontal strips of 4 5/8" tall and then divide them with alternating front / back sections.

The front panel is 4 7/8" wide.
The back panel is 5 3/8" wide.

To keep track of everything, I marked the front panels with an "X" and the back panels with a "Y", and then numbered them from 1 - 40 (I used 20 cases).