Make an CD case from normal printer paper easy :)

The other cd case flower desing


the other paper crafts videos

Step 1: Folding

Take a piece of normal printer paper and fold as on foto.

Step 2: Drawing.

POint schow you the center of cd.

Step 3: Cut ...

Cut out as on foto an fold .

Step 4: Cut the Rest

Cut the rest as on foto.

Step 5: Case Is Ready

ase is ready fold as on foto.
this is so cute
hey golics do you have a account on pawn game?
Quick and so cute to make =D. I initally used an old blank cd to make the template before placing the gift cd in the case to avoid scratches.<br/>
cool and all, but wont it scratch the cd up a little? maybe we could put like a tissue paper or something in there
Well you could just add a sheet of tissue paper between the cd and the paper. Cause I think tissue paper to make it would be too soft and wouldn't hold.
or use an old cd as a template
Maybe :) But I hope not.
Instant fave... I'll use cardboard though... PS: oh man... I HATE cutting curves :/
lol, my friends think i'm crazy when i burn them cds and give them in these! though they think i'm even crazier when they see 10 slappa 360 <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.slappa.com">cd cases</a> lined up in my living room. i got an abnormal amount of cds :)<br/>
i just did one. SO AWESOME!!!
Cool :) I'll use it every time I make someone a photo CD. I recycle the wrongly printed paper though, to make some use of it.
<em>Congrats!</em> This Instructable was featured as one of our top 5 Instructables on making your own CD sleeves: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grinn.net/blog/dev/2008/03/how-to-make-your-own-cddvd-cases.html">Check it out on grinn.net</a><br/>

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