CD Case From Normal Printer Paper.





Introduction: CD Case From Normal Printer Paper.

Make an CD case from normal printer paper easy :)

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Step 1: Folding

Take a piece of normal printer paper and fold as on foto.

Step 2: Drawing.

POint schow you the center of cd.

Step 3: Cut ...

Cut out as on foto an fold .

Step 4: Cut the Rest

Cut the rest as on foto.

Step 5: Case Is Ready

ase is ready fold as on foto.



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    hey golics do you have a account on pawn game?

    Quick and so cute to make =D. I initally used an old blank cd to make the template before placing the gift cd in the case to avoid scratches.

    cool and all, but wont it scratch the cd up a little? maybe we could put like a tissue paper or something in there

    Well you could just add a sheet of tissue paper between the cd and the paper. Cause I think tissue paper to make it would be too soft and wouldn't hold.

    or use an old cd as a template

    Maybe :) But I hope not.


    Instant fave... I'll use cardboard though... PS: oh man... I HATE cutting curves :/

    lol, my friends think i'm crazy when i burn them cds and give them in these! though they think i'm even crazier when they see 10 slappa 360 cd cases lined up in my living room. i got an abnormal amount of cds :)

    i just did one. SO AWESOME!!!