Wait! Don't throw out that old CD when you can make it in to a cell phone stand! This is an instructable that will teach you how to make a cell phone stand out of a cd. please vote for it if you like it.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this instructable, you will need matches, a candle, a cd, a sharpie, and scissors.

Step 2: Drawing guidelines

Picture of Drawing guidelines
First, you will have to draw guidelines to show you where to cut. The lines may vary depending on the size of your cell phone. The bold lines are where you cut and the dotted line are where you fold(explained later).

Step 3: Start cutting

Picture of Start cutting
Now you can start to cut. If you cut and the cd starts to crack. Warm up the cd with the lit candle so it will be more soft.

Step 4: Folding

Picture of Folding
Now, you can start to fold on the dotted line. Warm up a line where you want to fold and now you can fold. This step needs time and patience. Don't just try to fold the tab all the way in the first warming session. Keep warming when needed. See the image for clarification on folding. If a tab breaks off, don't worry, just use super glue!

If there are any rough or pointy spots, just use sand paper.

Step 5: Finished

Picture of Finished
Now you have your very own cd stand! Save the earth, don't throw away that cd! ;)

Here is a great idea suggested by a reader:
bsebllplaya24-Instead of having one bottom piece holding it up, have two that are off to the sides of the bottom so that it can be charging.

don't forget to: