Picture of CD Closet Dividers
My wife wanted some way to organize her closet so she could more easily find her clothes in a pre-caffeinated state. She wanted something similar to the plastic disks that separate different sizes that you see on clothes racks in stores. My solution to the problem was to modify some old CDs into labeled dividers that would fit around the rod in her closet.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Here's the materials I used:

* Old CDs
* CD labels
* Packing tape

I used the following tools:

* Calipers (or other measuring device)
* Dremel (with high speed cutter, cutting wheel and grinding drum)
* De-burring tool
* Dust Collection System (Optional)
Wasagi5 years ago
You prototype clothes? Amazing! (Do any of them shoot lasers?)
RadBear (author)  Wasagi5 years ago
Not yet. Saving that for version 2.
Wasagi RadBear5 years ago
 Excellent... (Rubs hands menacingly...)
Chromatica5 years ago
Good way to reuse CDs that I believe will be out dated in a couple of years!