A long time ago I found my self in possession of far too many Free AOL CD's. Initially I did all the normal stupid things with them that we all did, but then I decided to aim higher, to use all the CD's in one giant project. And on that day the CD coffee table was born. After all what better way to win friends and influence people, not to mention seduce the ladies, then to have a one of a kind coffee table made out of AOL CD's.

Although the free ISP CD craze is thankfully over, you too can make your own table using your old audio CDs or perhaps all those old data CDs you burned that failed.

Materials needed:
- A lot of CDs (My normal height table contains approximately 600 CDs).
- 4 12" Long half inch threaded rods. You can find these at most hardware stores, mine were near the garage door parts.
- 8 Bolts that fit on the Rods (2 each)
- Wood for your floor piece and the base of your top. You can use whatever size and type you want, mine is about ~5x3 with finished plywood on the base Baseboard molding used around the edges (To make it classy...)
- The sealant of your choice (I used EnviroTex, which worked great and has held up for 9 years thus far scratch free).
- A large container to mix sealant in (Thank goodness soda comes in such big cups....)

Step 1: Prep Work

The first step to completing the table is ensuring you have the necessary materials ready, the hardest part being the CDs for the legs.

Start with one leg and screw one of the bolts onto one end of the Rod. Ensure you screw it on far enough that you'll have enough rod to slide through the table base later. Failing to do this now will result in a lot of work moving all the CDs up and down the rod later.

Once you have this done slowly screw the CD's onto the threaded rod. If you picked the correct size the CDs should turn right onto the threads and move down the rod. It will take a while to get all of them on, but don't try just pushing them down the rod, as this will chip the inside hole on the CD and result in wobbly CD's.

Once you get to the desired length of your leg screw a bolt onto the other end, hand tighten both bolts to ensure your CD's don't move during installation.

Your table is really cool. I think ill be making it myself but with a few changes. I actually have a lot of multi colored cds ive been saving over the years, this is the perfect project! ive made other things with them before- but this seems way sweeter! thanks for sharing!<br>ps. im a nice women and LOVE this!!

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