Picture of CD Hovercraft
A CD hovercraft with a ballon. Great time waster. My first instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Any CD you don't want anymore.
2. A ballon. The party kind.
3. A water bottle lid. The one you pull open and push shut.
4. Glue gun.

Step 2: Make It

Picture of Make It
The lid i showed isn't what you need. You need the one off, like, Aquafina but the lid of this type.

Take the lid and glue it over the hole on the CD. Make sure you can open and close the lid and that air can go through it. Attach the ballon to the opening of the lid. The part you suck the water through.

Step 3: How to Use It

Picture of How to Use It
1. Open the water bottle lid.
2. Blow air into the balloon through the bottom of the CD.
3. Close the water bottle lid so no air comes out.
4. Put the CD flat on a table/floor with the balloon on top.
5. Open the water bottle lid and let go.