CD Hovercraft for Tabletop Hockey





Introduction: CD Hovercraft for Tabletop Hockey

Make a hovercraft from an old CD, a balloon, and a soda bottle top.



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    Howtoons! this is awesome!! i love making cartoons and your inspiring!


    aha nice that's a cool little experiment and fun too good look HOWTOONS!!!

    I think he does everything in cartoons because he/she is cool, creative, and is a leader not a follower  plus he is talented enough to do so.. or it could be that is name is Howtoons  get it-- how toons 

    First no offense bu why is every thing you write in comic. Next Can you make it so you use some thing instead of the ballon (likea a small fan). Thirdly, did you know that the schools don't block this site.

    I made an awsome rideable hovercraft with some plywood, a tarp. a leafblower. and some duct tape. It holds 330 pounds. It took about an hour to build and we already had all the supplies at home.

    Haha we are making a couple of those in my science class and are gonna race them in the for fun.

    u got thet from myth busters

    We built one during my junior year of high school - 1997 - before mythbusters. Very easy to do. We'd stay after school and play on it. We could go as far as the extension cord would let us! :D

    Nope, I built it before I saw that episode. I got it off a website. It has only one platform and only has upward lift.