Introduction: CD Mosaic Table

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We were going to throw out a bunch of old CD's when I remembered we had this coffee table sitting on the back porch gathering dust... Very happy with the end result!

Step 1: Getting Down to Business

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Once I had sanded the table down a bit I painted it black. Then I got to cutting up the CD's, this was actually harder than I thought, you need strong, sharp scissors! (Some CD's would not cut they sort of splintered, generally the rewritable ones, I gave up trying with those and threw them out)

Step 2: Putting the Puzzle Together

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I arranged a small section of the CD pieces at a time and used a small spot of glue on the back to keep it in place. Slowly the table came to life.

Step 3: Finishing

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To seal without losing or dulling the reflecting surface of the CDs I used 2 part epoxy resin. I was worried as I had never used this before but it was really easy.


KarenW145 (author)2016-07-05

stunning! I've also tried old cd diy crafts with students, and yes, they can be a pain to cut! Your labor is appreciated! Thanks for sharing!

Magzzee (author)2016-07-01

Wow, that table looks fabulous! TYSM, voted & favorited, GOOD LUCK!

rainingfiction (author)2016-06-29

I always loved the redone CD things. Nice Work!

kamadesign (author)2016-06-28

I've been meaning to try this for ages. Thanks for the tips.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-27

Great looking table design. I think that this would be especially good for an outdoor table where it can really catch the sunlight.

yes its hard to capture the reflections in a photo but it looks great when the light shines on it

tinaciousz (author)2016-06-27

Don't forget to enter the Trash to Treasure Challenge!

TroyH2 (author)tinaciousz2016-06-28

Thanks, will do :)

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