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These are step by step instructions on how to hack an old CD-ROM drive and turn it into a agitator for PCBs, biohacking projects and anything else you might need to shake continuously. All you need is a CD-ROM drive, breadboard, H-Bridge, a 10Kohm resistors Arduino, plastic container and power source for the Arduino (a toggle switch is optional).

Step 1: Get a old CD-ROM drive

Picture of Get a old CD-ROM drive
swaaag2 years ago
Poor drive :(
Gedxx2 years ago

wich H-Bridge are you using? SN754410, L293 or another one?

dannewoo (author)  Gedxx2 years ago
Hey there,
Ah forgot to include the type, sorry about that. I used the L293NE H-Bridge but you can also use the SN754410. I used this tutorial as a reference when putting it together. Hope thats helpful. Cheers.
danjovic2 years ago
Very Cool!!
pfred22 years ago
Bubbling air through the bath is so much more effective. Doing that not only agitates but oxygenates the fluid too. I made mine with one of those 12 volt tire inflation compressors. I stuck a spray nozzle off a spent spray can on it and it is perfect.