These are step by step instructions on how to hack an old CD-ROM drive and turn it into a agitator for PCBs, biohacking projects and anything else you might need to shake continuously. All you need is a CD-ROM drive, breadboard, H-Bridge, a 10Kohm resistors Arduino, plastic container and power source for the Arduino (a toggle switch is optional).

Step 1: Get a Old CD-ROM Drive

<p>if I want to increase the speed of agitation do I just adjust the time of delay in the code?</p>
Poor drive :(
Hi, <br> <br>wich H-Bridge are you using? SN754410, L293 or another one? <br> <br>Thanks
Hey there, <br>Ah forgot to include the type, sorry about that. I used the L293NE H-Bridge but you can also use the SN754410. I used this tutorial as a reference when putting it together. Hope thats helpful. Cheers. <br>http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Labs/DCMotorControl
Very Cool!! <br>
Bubbling air through the bath is so much more effective. Doing that not only agitates but oxygenates the fluid too. I made mine with one of those 12 volt tire inflation compressors. I stuck a spray nozzle off a spent spray can on it and it is perfect.

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