Picture of CD ROM Fish Craft
I originally made this as a craft for my 2 nephews and my niece, then I made another to use in my 5th grade school project on the Great Barrier Reef. Not only is this a great project for your little ones or as a good touch in a marine school project, even as an aquatic addition to your cubicle! It's pretty simple, and customizable. Hope you have fun with it!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
This is all the stuff you will need:


Hot Glue Gun (though I'm sure superglue would work, though you might need a lot)

Thumbtack (to hang it)

Fishing String (to attach it to the thumbtack)

Sharpie (or similar bleed-mark making device)

Cardstock (construction paper works, but I'm not too fond of the graininess of it, cardstock is much smoother and a bit thicker)

2 CDs that you don't need

Googly eyes (medium size works good, though the super-large ones look hilarious!)

Template (Courtesy of DLTK-Kids)
mazin532 years ago
This is sooooooo cute. You did a great job on your instuctions. I only had one problem, which is nothing, when I went to save the template to word so I could work with it, there was no way to save it from the site.

I don't mind though. I love this.
Thank you
target404 years ago
i remember doing this in second grade....
mtjohnson66 years ago
ROCKIN GOOD tute, man...ROCKIN GOOD!! I teach preschool and this will be PERFECT for my 3 yr olds when we do our sea unit. Thanks of sharing!!! ~moi
HamO8 years ago
Very well done instructable, impressive writing!
Bran (author)  HamO8 years ago
Thank you very much! Glad you liked it.
minfu2 Bran7 years ago
I did one like this, except it is a pirhana, and I cut a piece out of the cd to make a mouth.
charl_ie8 years ago
Here is the fish template

Nice instructable!!!
SacTownSue8 years ago
I love it! 2cute!