Introduction: CD-Rack

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This is a very early design I did way back in the day for storing my cd-collection. It's done entirely from FSC-certified mahogany wood (and a bit of glue). The main idea was to create a modular system that could be expanded upon or rearranged to fit ones changing needs, but I never got around to actually taking the time to figure out how to make this a simple thing to do, so it ended up being fixed in this composition.



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    I would love the Instructable for this project, I would like to expand mine for the whole wall, I have well over 1500 CD's this would be neat, and a very orgizined way to find, keep, and view them

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    Great idea!!! I built one of these today, based on picture. The 3 measurements I used were 6.5", 13", and 19.5". Start with the bottom left corner and build UP from there. I used 1x6 pine, cost a total of 14$. took slightly over 2 hours to build useing a brad nailer and glue. (made a couple mistakes off the bat, but easy to correct). ***print the picture before you start*** I thought it would be easy enough to remember, i was wrong. Looks great in my living room, and now that I know how easy it is to build, I will maybe try cherry wood, or walnut. This design IS NOT my idea, but if you want a little advice in building one I would be happy to try and help. Cheers all!

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    Can you create instructables to share? Id love to get my hands on them.

    I`m not really interested in the rack.....what make is that guitar? fender?

    AWESOME! You should post an Instructable. Many people would love it. +5/5 stars.

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    I would really love to make an instructable of this, but I built it about four years ago and didn't photo-document much of the process. I'm not sure what the requirements are for making an instructable as I've still to post my first, but would it be sufficient to simply draw the plans and describe what needs to be done? If I still have the drawings and measurements around somewhere, I could do that if it's allowed.

    You can definitely just do an instructable with drawings, especially if theyre detailed enough!

    yeah man that would be good i would so want to build this but on a smaller scale (for my pitiful collection)

    Pretty cool. I have almost as many dvds as you do cds! But I like the config and the rich color. Now if only you can make an instructable. There's actually an 'ible from Kaptin Scarlet that shows how to do it with drawings/illustrations instead of phtos.

    Very, very cool!

    The texture of the CD's lined up in different directions looks pretty cool. I agree, CD's are slowly becoming the next Vinyls. Cool to look at, but obsolete.

    its really neat looking but you got to admit you have too many cds

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    thank you. I did not know there was such a thing as too much music :) My big dilemma currently is that between my iPod and my computer being hooked up wirelessly to my stereo via iTunes, the CD-rack doesn't really serve much practical purpose any more, other than displaying my taste in music whenever someone new comes over :s