CD Spindle Line Spool Holder





Introduction: CD Spindle Line Spool Holder

You can make a line holder for your fishing line spool out of a cd spindle.This makes it easy to put line on your reels.Just place the line in the spindle,feed the line through the premaid hole and viola.

Step 1: Getting the Parta

This is the easy part,Almost everybody writes disk these days and discards the spindle.Either you or someone you know will have one.Some stationary stores also sell empty spidles

Step 2: Make a Small Hole in the Side of the Cover

Take a lighter and heat a a small nail and then melt a hole in the side of the cover.

Step 3: Go Wind Those Reels

now that its done just place your fishing line in the spool and feed the tip of the line through the hole you melted.Place the spindle on the floor or table and you are ready to wind your fishing reel full of line without the spool running al over the floor.



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    If your getting more serious check out a TensionMate

    well worth the $$

    Really good idea, will come in handy with fishing season around the corner,good job.

    Thats a great idea, why didnt i think of it? Its way cheaper than the $50+ spool holders availible now. Great instructable. +++

    Love the idea! I have to respool my reels with the fishing season starting soon.

    Great , This is so simple but such a good idea and instructable , Good Job !

    Great instructable, I love the simplicity. This will come in pretty handy, as I've been known to chase a few spools of line in my day

    Very good idea. I made something similar, using a plastic flask to wind a cable in their interior that gave me good result when avoiding that the cable got entangled.