Picture of CD Spinning Top

I have a lot of old cds burned with useless files or obsolets OS. The first I though is to throw them to the trash. But they are so brilliant, so colorful and circular; they have pi number in all their diameter!(Did I say I love pi?). And, at the end of the day I don´t know what to do with them. And that's why I have tons(not really) of cds in my bedroom.

But this situation must end right now. May I can make a cd curtain (wait for it) or this project. Actually, I think I should start with something simple but funny. That's how I though in this: a spinning top.

Have a good time with your colleagues playing spinning top battles or have fun lonely when you are full of work and that's the last you want to do.

Keep reading to have your full recycled CD spinning top.

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Step 1: The Stuff

Picture of The Stuff

To make this project like a pro you only need:

 - CD
 - CD container
 - Paper, cardboard or something to do a pattern
 - Knife or Cutter
 - Scissors
 - Power drill

Step 2: Draw the pattern

Picture of Draw the pattern
All the spinning tops are make up with a rounded axle and a disc. Usually the axle is rounded but in this case will be a bit diferent. In order to make a fast and easy project, the axle must be made of two arrows wich cross each other. To built those cross you first have to  draw a pattern into the material you have chosen (paper, cardboard, etc). This pattern must have the shape of a arrow and more than 1,5 cm of with. If not, the slots we will make later won't match with the arrow measures.

infob3 years ago
You MUST to see this ""
So-called "3 Minute Spinner " and it is true.
gandlof54 years ago
Pi is great but I love Pie even better
plugable (author)  gandlof54 years ago
Jajaja thats a good answer, but you must know that Pie has Pi on it!
ChrysN4 years ago
That spins well!