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Introduction: CD Box

Do you have CD's covering every centymeter of your carpet? Or you just have too many of them? No matter what's your CD problem, I have an artistic solution to your problem. Lets make a box of CD's!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

To make a CD box, you just need a soldering iron and six CD's. Nothing more, but, still who wants only one? I made some (like the one in the picture).

Step 2: Constructing the Box

The construction is very easy. You have to place the cd's at 90 degree angle, and then you have to make little holes between them using hot soldering iron. Now if the "standing" cd won't fall, it means you can add third one (just the same way you attached the previous two CD's to each other). If it looks like the (3 CDs) construction on photo, repeat what whole thing to have two CD corners. If you have them, connect them whit holing method, and wow, you just made a box out of CD's!!!

Step 3: Lets Have Some Fun!

Now, if you are ready with single box, I think you will have a boom of creativity: imagine what you can construct with more boxes. The single box is cheaper than lego, bigger than lego and you won't cry after the boxes like you cry after the legos ;) I took a picture of one of my first CD box constructions.
So, have fun and thanks for reading my instructable (also, send me some pictures of your CD constructions if you ever make some ;) )!



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    22 Discussions

    I am confused by step two. Do you solder them together? What does "three little holes" mean? Do you tie them together after you make the holes? Can anyone help me with this?

    I like this idea - a great springboard to other things.

    1 reply

    You only need a soldering iron, you melt the disc's together at those spots because molten plastic will hold it together without any need for anything like string

    what about put some LED or light bulb inside.. it will be great!!

    thanks so much for the great idea! I have a top shelf i don't know what to fill it with, until now!!!

    Like the idea. :-) I would recommend using almost any form of glue rather than a soldering iron though, that's a pretty quick way to ruin the special coating(s) on the tip. It would be interesting to grow a plant through the hole in the top, or eight plants from the corner gaps having it hanging from the ceiling, or through the eight circular holes. It would eventually get choked by the hole/gap size though, so perhaps not a good idea long term.

    What exactly to we mean by making little holes on the CDs to fix them at 90 degrees? Are we talking about melting the edges of both CDs with each other using the heat from the soldering iron. Please clarify that. Thanks

    what would be great is to work this into a chandelier with the light emitting through the holes.

    This looks awesome! I think I shall definitely make a few of these. I wonder if it would be cooler with those mini cd's you can get at Walmart.

    That's so awesome! I'm definitely going to try this out. +1 rating.

    Muahahahaha, how did you know I used one of AOL CDs for one of the cubes? ;)

    Good idea, and I just had an old lamp and I wondered what to do with it ;)